Feeling Inspirationery?

Social media platforms are a great way for new companies to get up and running… I’m sure you remember Emma Watson’s emotional ‘HeForShe’ video that recently went viral. (Click here to watch it.) Today I’d like to keep her message alive, by focusing on a new business that caught my eye… Inspirationery. The name is clever, but their intentions are genius! 10547456_549289381863686_3772267451142826340_n Who doesn’t like to start off a new semester with some fresh books? Now you can get your stationary and make a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate! As the name suggests, the company sells stationary with a pleasant twist. 50% of the profits made by Inspirationery are donated to support education and leadership programs, empowering women and girls around the world! Students, teachers, and general “do-gooders” I beckon to you; if you are going to buy stationary, step away from the Officeworks catalogue and feel inspired by the concept of Inspirationery. People often justify themselves after spending money… “It was the last one left in my size” or “I worked hard today, I deserve it!” But what better reason is there than “I just helped change someone’s life”? As Emma Watson proudly recited in her UN speech “If not me, who? If not now, when?” Next time you’re buying stationary, why not help change the world? Emma-WatsonInspirationery have used Facebook to help gain brand awareness before the company’s official launch date. It’s safe to say it had a positive response in the community with nearly 2,500 likes just after launching. Reflecting its target market of young adults, this trendy stationary company has focused on new-age marketing techniques, branching out in the digital world via word-of-mouth and dedicated tech-savy staff. You can like the companies Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/inspirationery Inspirationary also used Facebook to promote their launch event to be held next Wednesday (October 29th) at 6:30pm Donkey Wheel House 673 Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria. For more information click here. What NFPO organisations do you support? Link their social media pages in the comments section to spread brand awareness! 10710943_585875208205103_2824969022367408687_n

2 thoughts on “Feeling Inspirationery?

  1. What a cool and cute little company! I always feel so much better when I pay for something and my money is going towards a good cause!

    An organisation I really got into was ISF which was created by Ian Somerhalder… ever seen the vampire diaries? Well he’s Damon! haha!

    Let’s just say my obsession with him became stalker like when I looked into Ian’s foundation and saw how easy it was to donate. They used to sell little bracelets that I wanted to buy also and of course all the profits went to a good cause!

    Here’s there website http://www.isfoundation.com/welcome


    • Wow! Yes I’ve seen vampire diaries! I never knew he had his own company – that’s awesome!
      Thanks for sharing the website, I’ll definitely look into it! 🙂


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